Grade 1

In this class we will teach student basic stroke, character, pin yin system, basic cultural knowledge through instruction, games, crafts, songs, and role plays. we will have 3-5 minutes quiz in each class.

Goals of this class

    Nurture interest in Chinese language and culture.
  • Students can understand basic instructions and questions from the teacher in Chinese
  • Students should be able to speak and listen to the basic Chinese
  • Students should be able to learn the basic knowledge of “Pian Pang” (偏旁) and be able to write simple sentences
  • Zhongwen Volume 1
  • Zhongwen exercise A&B
  • Sunday, 1:30 to 3:30 pm, Room 122, Jesse Philips Humanities Center at University of Dayton.
  • Ms. Sherry Li Cai (蔡丽) has a strong experience in the teaching of Chinese language. From 1998 to 2003, She spent five years to teach in the Huntsville Chinese Language School for various levels of Chinese classes. Since 2006, She has been teaching Chinese in the Greater Dayton Chinese School. She enjoys working with children and looks forwards to helping more people understand Chinese language and culture in the future.