Grade 5


  • Instructor: Ms. Hong Zeng (曾红)
  • Class Hour: Sunday 1:30-3:30 pm
  • Class Room: HM205, Jesse Philips Humanities Center at University of Dayton

Goals of this class
    This course assumes with four years knowledge of the subject. Goals of the course are for students to acquire the following skills:
  • to hear and pronounce Mandarin Chinese correctly;
  • to read and use characters without the pinyin;
  • to concentrate more oral practices in talking in Chinese;
  • to pronounce, recognize and write approximately 150 Chinese characters, plus some supplementary words and expressions.
  • Zhongwen Volume 5
  • Zhongwen exercise A&B
Homework and Tests
  • Homework will in the exercise book A and book B;
  • We will have four quarter tests and one final test.