Conversation class – intermediate

In order to meet the increasing demand of Chinese language learning, School Board has decided to open a Chinese language (Mandarin) class specifically designed for Intermediate Young Speakers who do not have Chinese speaking environment at home but with some beginner’s level of Chinese to practice how to use Chinese in conversation. Parents are encouraged to participate with your child because we would always work as pairs to perform the dialogues throughout the class.

This class is right for you if

  • You are a beginner (no previous knowledge of Chinese language) or some beginner’s level of Chinese;
  • You have learned Chinese while ago but forgot most of them;
  • Knowledge of pinyin and some vocabulary in Chinese is helpful but not required;
  • To children of all age groups
Goals of this class
  • to speak Mandarin Chinese correctly;
  • to prepare you to understand Chinese better so you can eventually move to the more advanced classes with heritage Chinese speakers;
Class time
  • Sunday, 1:30 to 3:30 pm, Room 202, Jesse Philips Humanities Center at University of Dayton.